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Spatial Omics-Driven Phytoengineering & Precision Medicine

About Us

Gipfel specializes in biotechnology and phytoengineering. In biotechnology, we focus on personalized medicine and recombinant antibody development. We use NGS and organoid models to provide personalized treatment options based on genetic and molecular profiles.In phytoengineering, we collaborate on herbal drug formulations, introduce campo medicine as a hybrid treatment in Europe, develop extraction technologies for narcotic drugs, and create production processes for non-narcotic alkaloids like noscapine. We're on the verge of licensing our new Kampo medicine products in Europe, backed by clinical data. Our 'five suns protocol' is set to revolutionize the European phytomedicine market.


A next-generation platform on phytoengineering is under development by Gipfel Life Sciences, bringing together engineering and high throughput screening of bioactive compounds.

Artificial intelligence will shape humanity's future for the next 1000 years. As AI Technologies use currently available data to create value, we need to uncover novel data about the unknown to enhance their success rate. The goal of Gipfel Life Sciences is to shorten the development time of novel therapies by combining bioactive compounds from Amazon forests and deep oceans with artificial intelligence technologies.Experienced experts and reliable platforms are at your disposal for recombinant antibody development.


We provide a range of services, from personalized medicine consulting to antibody development for biotechnology companies. Our goal is to help you meet your unmet pharmaceutical and clinical needs regardless of an individual patient or a blue chip pharma company.

Precision Medicine

In order to contribute to cancer prognosis, our scientific knowledge has been dedicated to developing state-of-the-art models. We have already developed organoids that mimic the immune patterns of a tumour environment. As a result of our organoid models and ultimate flow-cytometry systems, physicians can accurately interpret data on cancer phenotypes that can be used for designing the most effective chemotherapy regimen.

We are quite confident that our proprietary platform SPHENOID will revolutionize the fundamentals of current chemotherapy. By developing algorithms based on dynamic in vivo drug phenotyping, we aim to minimize the adverse effects of chemotherapy agents and increase therapeutic success.

  • 3D Bio Printing
  • Organoid models
  • In-vivo Drug Phenotyping (first in kind, first in human)
  • Single Cell Multiomics-Driven Clinical Management

Pharmaceutical Development

  • Early stage development
  • Computational Drug Modelling
  • Drug Repurposing
  • Recombinant antibody
  • Developability Assessment of Therapeutic Recombinant Antibodies

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